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It’s almost Valentine’s Day but we’re right in the middle of our No Spend Month! If you’re low on funds or in the middle of your own no spend month, I have some great ideas for you to have a date night without spending money!

Make Your Own Cards

We’ve done this before. I usually go for something cheesy like “Do you play Quidditch, because you look like a keeper!”

Play a Board Game

One of our favorite pastimes! I’m sure you have some games or a deck of cards in your house somewhere.

Arts and Crafts

You probably have some art supplies lying around! Head over to Pinterest for inspiration!

Go on a Hike

A hike is such a great way to spend an afternoon! Even if it’s winter where you are, here in Halifax NS you can borrow snow shoes for free from many places.

Video Games

Go for a retro date night and dig out your old Nintendo 64 and play! Bonus points if you still have bean bag chairs hanging around!

Free Museum Nights

Lots of museums have a “free” night or a “pay what you wish” night! They’re usually crowded so get there early.


I’ve never tried this before but apparently it’s the world’s largest treasure hunt! Their website will help you get started

Cook Together

Of course you’ll have to buy some groceries for this one, but cooking something together will give you something to do, and dinner! Try to replicate one of your fav restaurant dishes, or play your own version of “chopped” with whatever is in the fridge!


Get an app on your phone like Star Walk, so that you know what you are looking at! Head outside the city, away from light pollution for better gazing!

Daydream Together

We do this seriously all the time. Plan a vacation you want to take, dream about things you want in your ultimate dream home, or talk about the future together.

Head to the Beach

I love a good beach day. You can go for a walk on the beach in the winter too, although this one is much more fun in the warm weather.

Practice Your Photography Skills

Practice at home on each other/ your pets, or head out for a walk and get some nature photography.

Go For A Scenic Drive

Put some coffee in a travel mug, pack some snacks and head out for a drive.

Workout Together

Go for a run, use those free weights that are collecting dust, do some yoga together. There are lots of free videos on YouTube. Make sure you take it slow if you’re a beginner!


Have a bath together, give each other massages, and light some candles, all the cheesy stuff! Make sure those phones are set to do not disturb ;)!


Do you have any great ideas for a free date night? Let me know in the comments!

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